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Jiangsu Bohe Mold Technology Co., Ltd. about Layout drawing design specification

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Note: ① The material strip diagram must be clear, each station must have a side view, and the serial number and station content should be written at the bottom of the corresponding station.

②The tape layer is: “MATER” white, and the working layer is: “1” red.

③Write the material number, material, material thickness, material width and step distance at the top left of the layout drawing.

④The top right of the layout drawing needs to have the drawing of the knife edge and the drawing of the direction of the burr and the position of the characters.

⑤ The position of the head material must be marked on the layout drawing, and the positioning hole must be indicated by ““.

⑥The distribution diagram of the template and the size of the upper mold base must be marked on the layout drawing.

⑦The drawing needs to have the frame of our company. (Note: The layout diagram has the same meaning as the material strip diagram)

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